woensdag 14 maart 2012

Today's inspiration :Inspired by happy colors, spring, party's, balloons, Audrey Hepburn, carousels and more....


Spring is in the air! That's why I made these happy collages that inspire me and make me feel like having a party, sit outside with a glass of vino until late in the evening, stroll through the city and just be happy......

Sources : pinterest, designseeds, moolaliving

donderdag 8 maart 2012

Toby's Estate, Singapore. Nice place for having breakfast or lunch!

Last week I was in Singapore for 5 days . For my job as a flight attendant I travel around the world and I love to take pictures and discover new places and hotspots. Last week in Singapore I discovered a very nice place to have breakfast or lunch, Toby's Estate and I took some nice pics. Toby's Estate is situated at a very nice location at the riverside in Singapore not far from Clark Quay. The interior of this restaurant is very nice, it looks like an old packhouse, the staff is very friendly and food and drinks are very good! Might you be Singapore, make sure to visit this nice place! For more information about Toby's Estate, click here

Photos made by me, follow me @ moolalala at Instagram